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SIP8574 8 bit I/O Port with LEDs and Relay


The SIP8574 is a simple 8 bit I/O port module using the NXP PCF8574. This is the simplest I/O chip for I2C, with no input, output or data direction registers to configure. It has open drain outputs, which can be written or read.

  • 8 Open Drain I/O’s, 20mA
  • Interrupt on pin change output
  • TI 2nd source available

The SIP8574 module is included in the I2C Starter Kit.

Product Photos

SIP8574 top view SIP8574 3D top view SIP8574 side view SIP8574 bottom view SIP8574 bottom 3D view

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SIP8574 DatasheetSIP8574 Datasheet
PCA8574 DatasheetNXP PCA8574 Datasheet

Buy SIP8574

Buy SIP8574

SIP8574 Communication

This section allows you to communicate with the SIP8574 if you are using Internet Explorer and you have RealTerm installed. It is also usefull for seeing the format of the string that must be sent to the SIP8574 according to the selected settings.

I2C Address (00-FF):
Set IO 0 (Relay):
Set IO 1:
Set IO 2:
Set IO 3:
Set IO 4:
Set IO 5:
Set IO 6:
Set IO 7:
Send Values:

String sent to SIP8574:

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