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Host Adaptors
Datasheet ,
Starter Kit with cables, connectors and a simple I2C slave board.
Everything you need to start using I2C right away.
I2C2PC Adaptor, 8 Bit I/O Port, 3x I2C Cables, I2C Sockets, I2C Hub PCB, USB Cable

89.95   add
Datasheet ,
Bluetooth BLE Starter Kit with cables, connectors and a simple I2C slave board.
Complete and Ready to go, Wireless and Wired, Android, iOS, PC.
BLE+USB+RS232 Starter Kit + BluetoothLE Dongle for PC

129.95   add
more info
I2C-2-PC RS232 & USB Host Adaptor
3 separate I2C/SPI/1 Wire ports. 5V and 3V3 regulators

69.95   add
more info
Bluetooth LE I2C-2-PC BLE & USB & RS232 Host Adaptor
Built-in Bluetooth LE for Android, iOS, PC (with dongle)

94.95   add
Integrated Circuits
more info
BL233 DIP RoHS, 10pcs
Host Adaptor IC used in I2C2PC adaptors

39.95   add
more info
BL233 SMD RoHS, 50pcs
225.00   add
I2C Boards
pcf8574.html ,
Super simple 8 bit I/O port with DPDT Relay, Leds. Relay is NAIS TQ2 type.
10.00   add
pcf8574.html ,
8 bit I/O port with LEDs. SIP Module
The simplest I2C slave device there is!
7.00   add
pcf8574.html ,
I2C kbd w/ 8 LEDS, 8 buttons.
Uses PCF8574
15.00   add
more info
8 Channel 12 Bit Precision ADC
High Performance Industrial ADC using MAX127. +/-10V Range, Precision reference, and a High Side Current Sensor.
44.95   add
more info
8 Bit 4 channel ADC and 8 bit DAC, and Event counter
Uses PCF8591 ADC/DAC and 6 digit event counter/RTC PCF8593.

12.00   add
more info
4 Way Bus Switch and level shifter using PCA9545
Expand I2C bus 4x. Use 4 chips with the same address, or longer cables by breaking 1 bus into 4 smaller segments. 4 boards can be used to give 16 ports
20.00   add
1WireTemp DS1820 1Wire Temperature Sensor in Stainless Steel case
Rugged encapsulated sensor, with cable and I2C plug, ready to use
8.00   add
Connectors and Cables
MM5F5M I2C Connectors: Micromatch 6 way, 5male+5female, with Hub pcb for joining multiple cables
10.00   add
MMCABLE I2C Cable: Micromatch male-male

3.00   add
Display Modules All Display Modules (LCD and LED) are interchangable for software
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