I2CChip.com: I2CChip is going Lead Free

From July 2003 Lead free solders are being used in the construction of our products. From 2006, BL233B and I2C2PC products are RoHS compliant.


Lead Free solders offer superior solder joint performance. There are also environmental benefits.


These solder joints have a different appearance to the common 60/40 or Sn63 solders. A steeper wetting angle can make them appear to be poorly wetted joints. This is not the case, in fact Lead Free joints have better mechanical properties.


If you have to rework the joints, there should be no problems with a common 325C/700F tip temperature. The lead free solder can be reworked with conventional leadbased solders without problem.


We are using Asahi 349 and Multicore TSC alloys


Non-surface mount components are being soldered with Lead Free. This is over 70% of the solder mass used in our assemblies. Later this year SMT will change to Lead Free. Components will change as possible, but American suppliers show no sign of changing. During the next year we will change to Japanese and European Lead Free components where possible.


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