I2CChip.com: JLC1562: 8 Bit IO Port and 6 bit DAC


OnSemi JLC1562

OnSemi (formerly Motorola) make a pin compatible part that is substantially cheaper than the Philips PCF8574.
  • 6 Bit DAC replaces the INT output of PCF8574
  • Address Input pins are pulled up to Vdd with internal resistor
  • I/O pins are Open Drain Outputs, but may have lower drive (4mA @ 0.3V vs 10mA @ 1V)
  • No internal pullup on I/O pins. (Our boards have this pullup)
  • 5 Analog Comparator Inputs on P0-4
  • Inputs Protected from External Bus Currents in Power Down mode
  • 8 addresses from 0x70 (same as 8574A)
  • 4.2-6V

The JLC1562B facilitates easy I2C Bus expandibility. Multiple devices (up to 8 on the same I2C Bus) are easily added as each device has its own selectable 3-bit address. The JLC1562B provides an 8-bit bidirectional input/output port and 6-bit resolution Digital to Analog Converter. The device can also be used as an Analog to Digital Converter with 5 input signal lines each with 6-bit A/D resolution. The voltage on pins P0-P4 is compared with a controllable threshold voltage and the results are readable through the I2C Bus.

I2C Bus interface pins SDA, SCL and A0-A2 are; Serial Data, Serial Clock and Device Address respectively. External interface pins are P0-P7 and VDAC; I/O Port and D/A output.

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SMD Beware

If you are using the surface mount parts beware:

PCF8574's are 0.3" wide packages. (normal 74XXX's are in 0.15" wide packages)

JLC1562 is in different 0.2" wide package.



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