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The I2C System Monitor includes remote sensors, a local temperature sensor and a high-side current shunt monitor. These system monitors have the capability of measuring remote temperatures, on-chip temperatures, and system voltage/power/current consumption.

Download TMP513 datasheet

I2C System Monitor

Configure and Test the I2C System Monitor

You need RealTerm to communicate with this device. This will only work when run in Internet Explorer.

I2C Address (00-FF):
Request Interval (ms):
Send Output:
Bus Voltage Range: 16V FSR
PGA Gain: /1
Send Values:
VBus: On
Send Values to LCD:
Send Values to M5451 displays:
Bus Voltage:


Local Temperature:

Remote Temperature 1:

Remote Temperature 2:

Remote Temperature 3:

String sent to TMP513:

String received from TMP513:

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