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BL233 EEPROM Configuration

Refresh this page to reset all the values back to their defaults.
Xtal Frequency: MHz (Default: 14.7456MHz)
RS232 Control Register: EEPROM write protect
Enable sleep
Hi chars as ascii
Use Xon/Xoff
Use baud rate hi
Baud Rate divisor reset value: Divider: 0x Actual baud rate: 57.6k
Timer divisor: = 0x0E66 (0.999ms)
Control Register: Suppress EOL
Returns data read as byte written (SPI)
Enable watchdog on RX chars
Enable interrupt
I2C write ignores NACK
Don't send NACK when last byte is read
Enable return of message numbers
Address for Power on macro:
Macro address for interupt:
Watchdog Vector:
Convert String data to hex:
Start address (00-76): Hi chars as ascii
Macro Memory:
- 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F

String sent to BL233:

String received from BL233:

Sometimes things go wrong. When this happens and you cannot communicate with the BL233 any more because the macro memory got corrupted or you cannot remember which baud rate it was set to, you need a way to restore the device to a knows state. Have a look at our BL233 EEPROM Programming application note. In this application note there is a section which explains how to restore the EEPROM memory to its factory defaults.
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