EV Board Service

We can make an EV Board for your I2C or SMB IC for a fixed price of US$499


  1. Opportunity Cost: We can give you customers the EV board you don't get around to making. Never underestimate the laziness of your customers.
  2. Inventory: Your EV Board becomes very simple, with a very low inventory and stocking cost. The complicated part, the I2C-2-PC adaptor is our problem. For you it is a single standard part.
  3. Low real cost: Your engineers aren't wasting time doing ev boards. Our price is the whole price.
  4. E.V boards can be a useful product, not compromised with clumsy printer-port kludges and the such like. They are more likely to interest your customers, if they do something useful.
  5. Cover ALL the bases with no extra effort: USB and RS232, cross-platform Linux, Windows, Mac, PDA's
  6. Low Cost: Our BL232 is low cost, and can be used directly when you need high volume, low cost

You need to:

We will telphone to discuss your needs and objectives. We will try to design in one of these ways:

Then we confirm what we propose to do by email

You pay by Paypal, and ship us sample IC's and any other information and special parts. You need to order any additional I2C-to-PC adaptors also.

We do the design, get the PCB's manufactured, hand assemble prototypes. This will normally take 4 weeks, unless your need is urgent.

We ship you the package with

We may add the board to our web store unless you specifically request that we don't.

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Contact Information

Phone +64 21 623-402

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Comments and Suggestions

Please send us mail telling us what you think about this page and how we might improve it.

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