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I2C, SPI, 1Wire Interfacing Made Easy

Thousands of low-cost integrated circuits use serial buses: I2CChip talks to them all from your PC


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Host Adaptor Products:

I2C-2-PC USB/RS232 Adaptor using BL233 $69.95 Buy Now!

  • BothUSB and RS232 interfaces. USB for speed. RS232 for distance!
  • 3 Separate I2C Buses
  • I2C, SPI & Dallas 1-Wire interfaces
  • Simple ASCII protocol is easy to use with any OS, and any programming language.
  • Fully self contained, includes on board 5V and 3.3V power supply OR USB powered
  • Galvanic Isolation for safety - protect your PC from damage
  • Simple stand-alone functions, power on initialisation of I2C devices without PC present
  • Watchdog function without PC
  • Better and more economical than competitors products
  • Use as a simple parallel I/O port without any serial bus devices e.g. drive relays.
  • Use I2C-2-PC for development. Redesign with BL233 for low cost later.
  • Compact in an attractive enclosure: not a bare-board
  • New Application note on Bluetooth for I2C2PC adaptor
  • Application note Optic Fibre Interface for I2C2PC adaptor
 I2C Starter Kit

I2C Starter Kit $89.95 Buy Now!

I2C Starter Kit is the fast, easy way to get up to speed with I2C and the I2C2PC adaptor.
  • I2C2PC Adaptor
  • 8 Bit I/O port with LED's
  • I2C Cables & Connectors
  • USB Cable
  • Zip Pouch for storage
  • Training Videos

BL233I2C to Serial Interface IC,

DIP18, 10pieces Buy Now!

Just the Bare IC to build into your own OEM products. At $3.95 in small quantities, and less in volume, you can build profitable volume products around the BL233.

  • 3 Serial Buses
  • 5V and 3V compatible buses
  • All serial buses: I2C, SPI, 1-Wire
  • Works as simple 8 bit I/O port: Drive LED's and relays directly
  • Store POWER-ON, WATCHDOG-TIMEOUT and INTERRUPT macros internally: Runs even when the PC doesn't.
  • Works with all Win,Linux, PDA's, Calculators.
  • Simple ASCII commands: No API's, No DLL's needed. No hidden software costs.

I2C Bus Connectors and Cables Buy Now!

Free Postage for I2C Bus connector and cable orders

All our products use the small reliable Micro-match 6 pin connector. For your convenience we have connectors and built up cables available.

Even if you don't use our adaptors, you can use our well thought out pinout and, compact connector for I2C and SPI bus devices.

Free Software: Talk I2C out-of-the-box

Our free Realterm software talks directly to the I2C-2-PC / BL233. You can just talk write and read directly from any new serial bus IC with no programming at all.

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I2C Slave Modules

Sip Modules: SIP modules as small, simple pcbs with a single row of I/O pins along one edge, and our standard I2C connector. The only pins you need to wire up, are the I/O pins you are using. Everything else is done for you. Because the pins are 0.1" spaced, they are easy to put on proto-boards of all kinds. You can even put standard 0.1" plugs on them. 


Specialist I2C Slave IC's

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Non I2C IC's

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